Building Wealth in 2024

New Year, New Financial You

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January 6, 2024
Building Wealth in 2024

The start of a new year is an ideal time to revamp your financial strategy and set the stage for a wealthier future. At korzo we believe that building wealth is not just an option for a few but can be achieved through incremental and practical steps. For full time (W2) employees we’ve summarized below  several often overlooked opportunities that you can leverage in this new year to get you started on your wealth building journey. 

Max Out Your 401(k) or IRA Contributions

One of the most effective ways to build long-term wealth is by maximizing your 401(k) contributions. With the new contribution limits in 2024, you can contribute up to $23,000, a substantial increase from previous years into your 401k. By taking full advantage of this tax-advantaged retirement account, you not only secure your financial future but also benefit from potential employer matches and tax deductions.

Consider adjusting your budget to accommodate higher 401(k) contributions gradually. Increasing your contributions over time allows for a smoother transition and minimizes the impact on your monthly cash flow. Your future self will thank you for the disciplined approach to retirement savings.

Build an Emergency Fund with High-Yield Savings Accounts

Financial stability begins with a robust emergency fund, and utilizing high-yield savings accounts can make your money work harder for you. While traditional savings accounts offer minimal interest, high-yield savings accounts provide a more attractive interest rate, helping your emergency fund grow over time.

Allocate a portion of your monthly budget to consistently contribute to your emergency fund. Aim to accumulate three to six months' worth of living expenses, ensuring you're prepared for unexpected financial challenges. High-yield savings accounts not only offer better returns but also maintain the liquidity needed for quick access during emergencies.

Leverage Health Savings Accounts (HSAs)

Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) are not just for covering medical expenses; they can also be a powerful tool for building wealth. Contributions to HSAs are tax-deductible, and the funds can be invested, allowing for potential growth over the years. In 2024, individuals can contribute up to $4,150 and families up to $8,300.

If your health allows, consider using your HSA as a long-term investment vehicle. By contributing the maximum allowable amount annually and strategically investing the funds, you create an additional stream of wealth that can be used for future medical expenses or even supplementing your retirement income.

Diversify Investments for Financial Growth

Building wealth extends beyond retirement accounts and emergency funds. Diversifying your investments across various asset classes can enhance your overall financial growth. Explore opportunities in stocks, bonds, real estate, and other investment vehicles to spread risk and potentially increase returns.

If you're new to investing, consider consulting with a financial advisor or leveraging a platform such as korzo to create a well-balanced portfolio aligned with your risk tolerance and financial goals. Regularly review and adjust your investments to stay aligned with your evolving financial situation and market conditions.

These steps will set you on a path to not only weather financial uncertainties but also thrive and build substantial wealth in 2024 and beyond. Cheers to 2024 and a new financial you.

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