Our why is simple:

Your Financial Freedom

korzo was launched with the belief that wealth management should be personalized, affordable, and available to all. The korzo AI-Powered Advisor helps you maintain a holistic view of your financial health, eliminate financial challenges, monitor your net worth, and autonomously invest across a variety of asset classes in a sound and systematic fashion.

Navigating at the intersection of finance and AI, korzo utilizes advanced AI algorithms to assess your financial health, habits, and targets to encourage sound financial practices on your journey to unlocking wealth.
US States
FDIC Insured
Disclaimer: Only for High Yield Savings
Accounts opened through program banks via
Apex Clearing's FDIC Sweep Program.
Themed Portfolios
Minimum Deposit
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Our foundation

Simplicity Redefined

Our intuitive platform is tailored to your unique financial goals, making money management effortless


Advanced technology and AI-driven algorithms for autonomous investing

Keeping you safe, always

We prioritize the security of your financial and personal information, ensuring your peace of mind

Our offices

Palo Alto, CA

228 Hamilton Ave Suite 318
Palo Alto CA 94301
United States

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